There are so many reasons to give.  "Our officers came up with the idea of a non-profit to help support and fund these outreach programs on a regular basis.  These programs are so important for our kids and our community," said Cocoa Police Chief Mike Cantaloupe. These programs are fundamental in helping the youth in our community.  It allows the kids to form a bond and trust with our officers that will hopefully stay with them as they become 

contributing members of our community.  

In some instances it gives the kids an adult presence in their life that they can trust and rely upon.  It keeps kids busy during times they are more likely to get into trouble such as after school with our PAL program and over the summer with our Cops and Kids summer program.  These programs are vital for our community and that is why our officers have made this commitment to better our youth for the future of our community. Consider donating today!

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