Dr. Joe Lee Smith Center

Dedicated to the advancement of social, economic, health, and environmental justice

The City of Cocoa in partnership with Community First Charity  is seeking capital funding for the construction of a center dedicated to the advancement of social, economic, health, and environmental justice.  Currently the Diamond Square Community Redevelopment Area (DS CRA) located within the City of Cocoa and sharing contiguous boundaries with Census Tract 626 faces extreme and pervasive levels of crime, poverty, unemployment, low educational attainment and social and physical distress.  

In March of 2014, following nearly a year of community and stakeholder committee meetings, the Agency completed an update of its Diamond Square Community Redevelopment Plan.  Through a community-based planning effort, the Plan identified six (6) transformational and several incremental initiatives.  Of the six (6) initiatives identified, the catalyst to effectuate change in the DS CRA was identified to be the Dr. Joe Lee Smith Center.


The center would serve as a nexus of local service providers co-located in a single facility that could potentially create a suitable environment to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness.  The facility currently existing within the DS CRA is intended for recreational purposes only and is more than 50 years old, functionally obsolescent, inadequately sized, and in a state of disrepair.  The City believes by effectuating change within the DS CRA through the center, Cocoa as well as central Brevard County residents, businesses and visitors will benefit from an increased quality of life. 


  • The Dr. Joe Lee Smith Center provides recreational opportunities for youth and adults

  • The Center is more than 50 years old and does not have an adequate design to house

       the services that will address the needs of the community


  • A facility with approximately 18,000 square feet would be suitable to house the various


  • Services Proposed:

          o    Juvenile Diversion
          o    Health Care
          o    Childcare
          o    Senior Programs

          o    Career Source Brevard
          o    Educational Assistance
          o    Youth Recreation
          o    Community Meeting Space

Proposed Facility:

  • Anticipated total size of the facility is 18,000 sf to accommodate the proposed multi-use functionality on a 3.52 acre parcel  

  • Total cost of the facility is estimated to be 4 million dollars for construction costs and site work

  • The facility would also serve as an emergency shelter in the event of a natural or man made disaster

Preliminary design and architecutral modeling has been completed, pending a capital funding campaign for construction costs.

This projectis qualified as a Community Contribution Tax Credit Program, #CC-0502-A.

For more information on this project or to get involved, please contact Cocoa Community First at (321) 639-7620.